Does hardwood flooring add value to my home?

Does hardwood flooring add value to my home?

The short answer is Yes. Consider the benefits of hardwood for your home. It offers elegance and class. It has stability and strength in its appearance. Here are some of your options for hardwood below.

Color and Species

When you look at hardwood for one of your rooms, you must ask the two questions: what species? What stain? Each species of hardwood has a distinct look to the wood because of its grain. That grain lends to the overall look of the floor. For example, Oak and walnut are known for their straight grains, whereas cherry and maple have more burls and curls in their grain. We also have hickory, ash, birch, and pine.

In a natural finish, some of these woods look great. But let’s say you want to darken the color. Then we have a wide selection of stains. If you want a particular look, then stain the outside of the floor one color and the inside a different color. Any design that you can come up with, our installers can create.

Another option you have is when you have distressed wood. These floors are hand-scraped and distressed by a craftsman to give the appearance that they are older. Then they are hand finished. This is what you want if you are going for a rustic feel to the room.

Engineered hardwood

Higher moisture areas are not suited for solid hardwood floors. They will tend to warp and buckle from the moisture. However, engineered hardwood floors don’t have that problem. With a thin veneer on top, the planks are supported by a moisture-absorbent wood base. It can go down as a floating floor, so no glue or nails are needed. The layered wood will absorb the moisture without ruining the veneer layer. Engineered hardwood adds the same value as solid hardwood to your property.

If you are looking for a hardwood flooring company, then consider Great American Floors. We have two showroom locations: Norcross and Sandy Springs, GA. We serve the Atlanta metro area. Please speak to our staff about solid hardwood flooring or engineered flooring to determine which is best for your home. We know wood flooring and provide you with excellent advice to get the best floor for your home.