Find out what area rugs can do for your home

When you choose custom area rugs, you’re choosing both comfort and protection. But you'll also get a fantastic addition to your décor scheme, with beautiful visuals that you can tailor to any interior design. Since these pieces do so many things all at the same time, you’ll love adding them at your first opportunity.

Custom rugs add personality and more

There are already many pieces to choose from in this product line and could fit your needs better. To start this process, you'll select a carpet piece or remnant with the fiber, color, and characteristics you desire. We’ll add the perfect cut for shape and size and a custom binding that matches your specifications.

These custom pieces are perfect for oddly shaped rooms or specific preferences since they can be personalized 100%. Yet, they still carry all the characteristics and benefits of the fiber choice and backing material you chose. When you put them all together, you’ll find you have created the perfect piece for your room.

The mobility of these floor coverings makes it perfect for busy homeowners because they can be taken up to clean, repair, or move into another room for a change of scenery. When it’s time to put them back in place, there are no specific methods you’ll have to use. Just lay them back down, and they back in place exactly the way you want them.

Enjoy benefits such as protection for your main flooring, an added touch of softness anywhere you like, and visuals that create a perfect match for any décor. To find out all the details about each benefit and characteristic, visit us today. We look forward to helping you find an area rug to match every need.

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Our showroom has all the rugs you’re looking for

Great American Floors has a showroom in Sandy Springs, GA, where we maintain an excellent inventory of materials that fit all your preferences and requirements. Our associates and trained and experienced to match you with the perfect services as well, for a flooring experience you’ll love. We have answers to all your questions, so you're sure to find the ideal match.

We proudly serve the areas of , , , , , , and . Visit us anytime you’re in the area to see what we can do for you to give you the floors you’ve always wanted. Whether you have a large project or just a small need, we have rugs for every situation.
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