Hardwood flooring installation over tile: Will it work?

Hardwood flooring installation over tile: Will it work?

Yes, hardwood flooring can be installed over tile, but some considerations exist.  

Much will depend on your choice of solid or engineered wood–or wood at all. Here's what to think about.

Think about the room’s grade

The grade is any room that's below ground level. Although some homes in Georgia don't have basements, you could still have a below-grade area; for example, a garage converted into a space, such as a laundry or game room.

Solid hardwood can’t be installed below grade levels because of the moisture content. 

Therefore, solid hardwood floors can be harmed even with a good vapor barrier. Engineered wood flooring is acceptable for any grade level, however.

What installation technique will you use?

That’s a pretty important consideration. Solid wood is always installed via the traditional tongue and groove/nail down.

The planks form a mat which is then nailed to the subfloor. Unfortunately, if the subfloor is an existing ceramic tile, you can't stick a nail through it!

In this case, you’ll need to install engineered wood. These floors have more installation options, such as glue-down, staple, or floating floor.

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What’s the room’s moisture content?

There are some rooms where any wood won't work. For example, the bathroom is the "wettest room in the house."  

Neither solid nor engineered hardwood flooring should be installed in the bathroom. It might be time to think of a waterproof wood look!

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