Does hardwood refinishing remove water damage?

Does hardwood refinishing remove water damage?

Did your hardwood floors get caught in a leak or flood? In many cases, wood floor refinishing will bring them back to luster.

Refinish or replace? Only a professional can accurately decide.

How long has the water been there?

Refinishing will probably do the trick if the water stands for only a few hours. The longer water sits, however, the more time it will have to create structural damage.

Look for stains, buckling, misshapen planks, raised nails, or odors. These might indicate the need for replacement.

Clean, dirty, or saltwater

If you see gray or black water, it's contaminated. Saltwater, too, is harmful. These issues don't make the floors good candidates for hardwood floor refinishing.

Don’t panic–but do act quickly

You want to minimize as much damage as possible. Immediately remove all wet items from the area. That includes rugs, towels, and rags.

Turn on fans and dehumidifiers. Open windows to create cross-ventilation.

Rent a wet vac as fast as you can from the hardwood store. It'll soak up most water and continue to use it even if the liquid isn't visible. Water can lurk in the wood's pores, seams, and under baseboards.

Scrub the floor and surrounding woodwork, such as baseboards, with a non-sudsing cleaner to remove dirt, pollutants, bacteria, etc.

Sanding floors takes special skills to create a smooth surface. Call us and be assured of professional hardwood floor refinishing to keep your floors looking beautiful.

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