Three facts about moisture and hardwood refinishing

Three facts about moisture and hardwood refinishing

Hardwood floor refinishing will protect your floors from damage. It can also enhance water resistance.

Wood floors last for decades and are easy to maintain. As you know, though, moisture is a challenge for solid wood.

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Fact #1: A damaged floor is susceptible to water damage

Water and moisture seep through scratches, dents, holes, etc. A dirty, damaged floor even attracts water–something you certainly want to avoid!

Hardwood floor refinishing guards against everyday wear and tear, pests, UV rays, and more.

Fact #2: Wood floors should be sealed every five years

That doesn't necessarily include sanding floors. Most scratches sit at the top, not even part of the wood. As long as there's no structural damage, your floors only need a resealing.

But do it every five years! The finish (sealant) doesn't wear off evenly. One section might seem fine, but another might be worn.

Your hardwood flooring expert will advise on the best sealant type.

Fact #3: Gray floors = full refinishing

Gray floorboards mean the sealant has worn off, with planks exposed to moisture.

Left untreated, they'll keep getting darker until there's no choice but to replace them.

You'll need wood floor refinishing. First, the gray needs to be sanded off and a new coat of sealant applied.

Hardwood floors also:

  1. Have the allure to add warmth and charm to any space. 
  2. Increase property values. 
  3. Have long-lasting beauty, which eliminates costly repair and replacement. 
  4. Never go out of style because they’re classic and timeless.

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