Hardwood refinishing in Sandy Springs, GA from Great American Floors

Will hardwood refinishing save my floors?

Hardwood floor refinishing
can work wonders to bring life back into old flooring. The service strips away years of abuse, wear, dents, and other imperfections.

The process can take time, but it's more affordable than replacing your wood floors. Even if you choose a cheaper product, you'll still pay more than for the refinishing.

What refinishing can do for you

The hardwood floor refinishing process works by sanding off damaged floor layers to reveal a new wood layer. Your wood floor refinishing is complete after sanding, new stain color, and finish.

The time it takes to complete this process depends on the size of the project. A single room will take much less time than an entire home, and we'll tell you what you can expect.

Step by step

The first step is sanding to remove any wear, dents, gouges, or scratches. The process could be as simple as sanding down to where the finish has worn off.

But it can be extensive and deep as subfloor damage. Severe damages that go entirely through your flooring render some wood floors unsalvageable.

Other facts that affect a refinishing project

Sanding floors and refinishing them might be impossible due to severe water or fire damage. But we'll do a proper assessment to ensure our services are worthwhile.

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We're serious about your successful hardwood refinishing results at Great American Floors. Our associates have the experience and training to give you a new floor that looks new again.

We serve Sandy Springs, Roswell, Dunwoody, Marietta, Norcross, Alpharetta, and Atlanta, GA. And we're confident we can make your floors look new again too.

Take time to visit us for your wood floor refinishing at our Sandy Springs, GA showroom. Our work will speak for itself through your flooring satisfaction, so stop by today to talk with us.